Attracting Women – How To Avoid The Friendzone

How to seduce womenToo often when a man is learning how to seduce women, he will fall into the friend zone, this is because the woman does not see him as a sexual mate. Women are submissive creatures by nature, they don’t want to be mean to “herbs’’ and “nice guys’’. Women love attention, so they will take all the free attention they can get, while giving the man caught under their web blue balls in return.

Avoiding the friend zone is rather simple, when you get down to the08 foundations of social dynamics and seducing women. Kino her. If she isn’t interested in you she will make it known very quickly, and then you can move onto the next woman. Where beta males fail is they do not touch women, they do not express sexual interest, and therefore they don’t build attraction in a sexual demeanor with the women, and so the women do not see them as sexual beings. Basically, you didn’t man the fuck up and go for what you wanted.
Not escalating sexually, I see a lot of men posting on forums about how the girl won’t reply to them after their second date. They will say, ‘’So we met for coffee and then on our second date we watched a movie over at hers, and now she won’t reply to my 898 text messages and 34 phones calls. I don’t know what went wrong.’’
Simple, a woman won’t invite you to her place unless she has a certain level of trust and interest in you. I’ve gone straight to females’ houses, before we even officially met, by finding them through dating websites. Women want fast sex too.

thCA3CNK46Being friends with women, and not fucking them is a very bad deal for you as a man. I have no inclination as to why some men go down this road, the road of being platonic friends with women. It’s a waste of time, and it makes you more needy and doesn’t help your blue balls situation. You should be too busy to even have time for female friends! Your calendar should be full of dates with women, new and old, which you are and will be fucking. Your goals should be too stringent, meaning you don’t have time to waste on a female. Remember, being friends with females is a very bad deal, and here is why:
Men get into relationships for sex, however women get into relationships for attention. Women love attention. When you lie in the friend zone, you are giving her validation, attention and all that good stuff women love. However you as a man are not getting what you need. So you need to realize that it’s a bad deal, especially if she is super hot. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard of that scenario, where a guy failed to escalate, or she just wasn’t interested in him, and they stay friends (On her terms of course) and the guy doesn’t want to lose all his hard work (He already lost the game, but since he’s a beta he doesn’t realize it.) and so he continues to give her attention, in the hopes to one day getting pussy. Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t make this silly mistake next time. When you are trying tothCA8IGZCG seduce a girl, and she is attracted to you, build more attraction through KINO and then sexually escalate or even better, make her escalate on you. How I do it is by grabbing her hand and putting it on me, or you can grab her hands and throw them on your shoulders, and make her move in for the kiss. The game isn’t a single path boys, it’s a two-way street.